Tuesday, August 23, 2016

No round 4, for now

The doctor chose to pull me from treatment and start steroids and synthyroid immediately. My labs from the day before showed very high liver numbers and since I don't have cancer in the liver it's likely treatment induced hepatitis. Best thing for me is to pause on treatment for now and work through these steroids to get things to calm down. 

I've continued to have nausea and lately I've been so tired (apparently I have treatment-induced hypothyroidism to thank). Other side effects so far are depigmentation (yes, I'm losing my freckles!!) and bad dry mouth. 

I've been assured that this is the safest plan of action moving forward. Will wait until my labs show the liver has recovered before we decide about returning to treatment. Will be weeks if I do, due to tapering steroids. Such a shame as its been working so well! Not to loose hope however, this cancer may already be toast and the hope is that this is just on hold until things recover a bit.

That's it for now, just a quick update! 

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