Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Giving Tuesday

 The holiday season has begun and attention is shifting from the busyness of life to sharing and giving and the holiday spirit. I want to take advantage of this opportunity on #givingtuesday to share with you a project that I'm working on in collaboration with the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF). 
As I've shared with you in the past, part of the difficulty with my specific subtype of melanoma is that so little is known about it. It's rare and the way that it can show up is unexpected. Many health care providers at the ground floor, first contact level of care don't know about it or it isn't on their radar screen. When I first noticed my vaginal tumor and called my OB's office about it, the nurse told me it sounded like bladder prolapse and to do Keagel exercises. Neither one of us knew any better. 

Awareness is needed. To that end, the Melanoma Research Foundation is excited to orchestrate the creation of a Mucosal Melanoma awareness video, geared toward both medical providers and the general population. This is a really important step and I'm so happy to be a part of getting this off the ground. We need to raise about 15k to complete the project (and 100% of the funds raised for the project will go directly toward it). The MRF has put together a page for myself and others dealing with Mucosal Melanoma to help raise funds specifically for this project. 

If each person who reads my blog can donate just $10, we will be well on our way to meeting the goal. Please consider donating to this video on this giving Tuesday. Below is the site where you can give online. Alternatively, you can mail a check to the MRF directly and just write "mucosal awareness video" on the "for" line.

Love to you all and well wishes for an awesome holiday season. 

A quick medical update: My liver numbers are higher than they were the day after my last treatment but still low enough to get another treatment! No steroids yet. Hopefully they stop climbing and start dropping again. Scheduled to return to MD Anderson 12/5 and 12/6 for another treatment and a consultation with a melanoma surgeon who works with t-cell therapies. More on that later.  

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